IGN: ArcaneAsa
Why were you banned?: "grief"

Were you banned by mistake? If so, why?: I have not performed griefing on anybody in the server, I have not been on since Sunday and I spent most of that day AFK/not really playing with my full attention. The only thing that was weird that was I was teleported to a strange indoor place by another user and found some burning cows and chests full of food. I didn't really understand what was going on but some people were mining in there and making obsidian, I ended up leaving as I was going afk and wasn't sure what the purpose of the place was. I came on this morning only to find I had been banned. I didn't do anything wrong to anybody and it was all a strange experience, I am confused.

Why should you be unbanned?: I genuinely have no idea what I have done wrong and I am very confused. It was all a very weird experience.