IGN: HHerobrine918

I was banned for making and using an afk pool and I will give you the reasons why I shouldn't be banned
1. Used afk pool so I could go eat dinner, I wanted to eat dinner with my family so I built the pool so my crops could still grow and I didnt have to relog
2. I was banned for a week and this was a first offense, why was their no warning I understand a day but a whole week is rediculous
3. Why are afk pools bannable, the server is built around farming and once you get into the game you want to make everything auto, it is a little ridiculous that you guys expect everyone to sit and stare at their screen waiting for the crops to grow
4. I have seen many AFK pools and I am the only one that has currently been banned for it, either it was unlucky timing or I'm getting singled out I don't believe I'm the only one doing this
That is why I feel my ban was unfair and I hope it is changed