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To save space, we've had to remove the nether and end. We apologize.

Also there has been a rank setback because I made a dumb.



(Edit: There will now be a $250000 in game cash compensation in the shop.)

kokonut_ > "$250000 in game cash compensation"

Map Reset

[Owner] Kaynine a posted Jan 12, 17


There will be a map reset taking place. This is nessesary because we are running out of space on the server. We are planning to do the reset around January 27th-January 30th, however may be done sooner if felt nessesary. 


Logan (Kaynine)

Edit: Yes, the server will be updated to 1.11 during the reset.

Edit (Again): The reset will start sometime Saturday afternoon.

[HSTILE] emsiardy Personally I'm glad it's happening. New opportunities for lower guys to get baltop rankings :3 Also at some po...
[Mod] MandyTaco Waiting for this! :3
[PCEFUL] Da_Tardis Looking forward for the update, been longing for the shulkerbox etc.

New Prices

[Admin] Fluxican posted Nov 30, 16  -  Prices


Staff have been talking and coming up with new

/sell prices that will encourage more manual farming

and less sitting by grinders. These prices will be

going into effect within about a week, in order to give all

players a fair amount of time to adjust.

The table showing the new prices can be found here: Click me!

The discussion for this topic is here: Click me too!

Thanks for reading, Staff Team

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